The Modern mythography from Eurasian spiritual voice

Eurasian Opera Project 2018

photo: mikomex

© Paul Jacquat

Invited artists

© Mikhail Pavlov

Saadet Türköz

from Turkey / Switzerland

Roots of this improvised vocalist is narrative of central Asia and free intonation of Koran taught by elders of Istanbul’s Kazakh community in her childhood. At the age of 20 she moved at Zurich, and have made a unique style not merely based on her own musical roots but also influenced by free Jazz and Improvised music since then. At present, she based in Zurich make exciting collaboration with improvised musicians all over the world.

Sainkho Namtchylak

from Austria / Tuva Republic

This unprecedented vocalist can use a lot of singing techniques like Throat-singing and combine them with experimental Jazz, electric music, and Buddhism. Resent day, this  modern shaman from a nomadic region plays a comprehensive piece combining voice performance, electronics, and live painting all over the world. Her range of voice is assumed of 7 octave, and her voice evaluated: could be led us to past, the frontiers of modern, and unknown field.

Anya Tchaikovskaya

from Ukraine

This vocalist who use traditional Ukrainian singing technique called the Pearl of Ukraine. In 2009, she released Album OljnDvir with Georgian poet and composer Irina Kudrjashovoj. After moved at Sankt-Peterburg, she studied and learned Ukrainian ancient songs that made and sung before Christ. Resent day, she plays as a member of trio with famous Russian avant-garde musicians.

Marya Korneva

from Russia

As a Vocalist, composer, and director, she has participated in lots of collaboration. In childhood, she was grown by parents who preside a theatrical company and Siberian nature. After studied philosophy and journalism at state university, she graduated The Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music.  She participated in Drama theatre as an actor and play at Irkutsk Symphony Orchestra as a soloist. Any other activities, she have played Jazz, avant-garde, improvisation, electric music, and folk music and collaborated with many experimental videos.

Collaborations that Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory have had at Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, and Republic of Buryatia were journey to the possibility of Eurasian voices and bodies.

In 2018, we will create and perform the new ‘Eurasian Opera’ with 4 invited artists from foreign countries who have diverse backgrounds and have collaborated with us before. In addition, with Japanese artists, we will have a concert introducing uncharted contemporary music in Siberia, Ukraine, Turkey and Central Asia which had been mainly introduced in context of traditional music so far.