Eurasian Opera

The end does not end

Baikal project and Black Sea project version 2017

Composed by Jun Kawasaki

photo: mikomex

photo: mikomex


In 2015, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory performed a theatre music “The end does not end” by 17 members in the 100th anniversary of birth of Tadeusz Kantor at Theatre X, Tokyo. In 2016, we performed this theatre music as a Eurasian Opera in Armenia (Caucasus project), Russia (Moscow meeting) with impromptu musicians and singer who sing traditional music of her own country.

There has been Silk Road on Eurasian Continent from ancient times. Now, we are Marebito (visitors from afar), going and making new ways. Encounters of the Far East music, Asian music, and European music are making new Eurasian ways.

We are singing collection of mythology in the 21th century based on modern Chinese novel that describes about life of minority, nomadic, and hunting race who lived in border between Russia China, two World Wars, Russian Revolution, establishment of People’s Republic of China, and customs such as language and shamanism that being lost. This theatre music is constructed by songs and unique chorus system, and based on many locality and life of minority groups. According to a certain kind point of view, it can connect to modern Latin American Arts such as García Marchez and could be called Magic realism of North East Asia.

In 2017, this theatre music altered differently by Jun Kawasaki’s new composition reconstructed as chamber music. We engaged Jan Glembotzki (Violin / Germany), Keiko Komori (Clarinet), and Choi Jaechol (Korean instruments) in this performance. Because of These guests, “The end does not end” will become new version.

22 June 2017

Koen-Dori Classics, Tokyo

Jan Glembotzki (Violin),  Keiko Komori (Clarinet),  Aki Ozawa (Guitar)

Jun Kawasaki (Doublebass),  Choi Jaechol (Korean instruments)

Vocal and voice: Seika Miki,  Kentaro Tsuda,  Satoshi Tsuboi,  Akira Yoshimatsu

Dance: Aya,  Hiroyo Miura

3 July 2017

RakudoAn, Tokyo

Aki Ozawa (Guitar),  Jun Kawasaki (Doublebass)

Vocal and voice: Seika Miki,  Kentaro Tsuda,  Satoshi Tsuboi,  Akira Yoshimatsu

Dance: Aya,  Hiroyo Miura

Director, Composer: Jun Kawasaki

Music director: Aki Ozawa  

Stage manager: Kiri Shirosawa

Co-director: Hideto Miyuki

Stage photo: mikomex

Eurasian opera — Collection of mythology in the 21th century — Magic realism of North East Asia