Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory is Japanese Contemporary music theatre – It features a blend of contemporary choreography, modern compositions, experimental music, and traditional music. They have a project creating a new Asian MUSIC AND POETIC DRAMA with world traditional musicians. This project have began in Tokyo since 2015 and collaborated with Korean, Russian, German, Ukraine, Turkish, Armenian musicians.

In 2017, They starts “Baikal project and Black sea project”. In this Baikal project, they collaborated with Marya Korneva (vo.), Oxana Zhambalova (vo.), Liudmila Zamashchikova (vl.), and Ilya Lunushkin (cl.). And In Black Sea project, they collaborated with Saadet Türköz (vo.), Selen Gülün (vo., Pf), Anya Tchaykovskaya (Vo.), and foreign Butoh Dancers.

They interpret and reconstruct old Russian and Japanese folklore and sing and play it freely with improvisation and contemporary dance. Now, in order to generate New Eurasian roads, they are also exploring their road as traveling player.

Music and Poetic Drama;

Baikal project and Black Sea project