photo: mikomex


音楽家・作曲家の河崎純を中心に、音、ことば、からだの関係の網の目をほどき、音楽、歌の資源の水脈を探知し、それをもとに研究会で語り合い、稽古、実験、試演を重ねながら音楽詩劇を創作、上演する。沈黙や発話行為の前にまず歌を想定してみる。それは、あえて沈黙に向かうのではなく、歌の不可能性とのせめぎあいから出発する言語活動、コミュニケーションの反転的な「革命」。 反動的オペラへの航路。

Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory

Founded in January, 2016. We are making Music and Poetic Drama combining songs, body, and voice. That is a new possibility of theatrical art. There are various members, such as dancers, voice performer, singer, and musician in our project.

In making process, those member regard commutation as important. That communication process is reflected in our pieces. We are positively adopting opinion of researchers and student. It is one of peculiarities of our project.